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About Erin
About Erin

I have a friend who can find knots in your back that you did not even know were there – his fingers go straight to the sore places. The release from pain you didn’t even realize your muscles were holding is bliss – he can poke at something in your hip and suddenly your ankle stops hurting. I asked him once how he does it and his response was “I just know. It’s like I see with my fingers.” I understood immediately. When you have this thing that you were just meant to do, you don’t need to understand how it works. You just know that it does. I have that ability with emotions.

There is a picture of me with my two children when they were little (now they are glorious teens) tucked in on either side of me in my bed. It was Mother’s Day, and after waiting for what I am sure seemed like the slow end of time, they were allowed to wake me and pounced with ridiculous joy onto the bed, one under each arm. “Babies!” I cried out, and there was no better feeling in the world. I wanted to melt into that moment for eternity.

I think we are all searching for that feeling we can melt into, that consuming sense of “all is right in the world”. I believe that we can have it. Each and every day. More often than not. That we are worthy of it.  And if we can open up our hearts enough to loosen our hold on the pain, there is joy, waiting.  

Easier said than done?

It doesn’t have to be. You just need the right tools.

I have been collecting those tools, studying and practicing what I refer to as emotional healing for over twenty years. 

About Erin
About Erin

My Story

I started with my two University degrees; a BA in Sociology/Criminology and my LLB. I worked for a few years as a research lawyer. My boss once said to me “you have an uncanny ability to find case law”. After checking the due diligence protocol I would close my eyes and intuit what searches would find me results. I can remember sitting alone at the computer at some ungodly hour, with goosebumps on my goosebumps and thinking can I get a witness in astonishment over the impossibly amazing results that had just appeared on my screen! 

I can analyze with the best of them. I obtained all of that education before I knew what it was to want something for yourself. My ideas of what I wanted were funnelled through a very narrow scope of what I unconsciously understood to be acceptable choices.

When I realized I could bypass that funnel and live differently I made the decision to pursue writing and then to fill my life with all that inspired me. Belly dancing, studying emotion and intuition, throwing my soul into motherhood. Understanding the root of what ails us and teaching myself and others to heal. 

I studied shame and inner child work. I studied emotional patterns, and belief systems, and childhood trauma. I dug into spiritual philosophies and popular new age practices.

I have tested out a lot of wisdom over the years. I have learned that what we fear can often serve love, and what we love can serve fear.  I have made myself the Guinea pig, jumped off the proverbial cliff and forgotten not to look down. I don’t recommend it. But, I have also made some magic happen. I have witnessed the incredible, and the spiritual, and I have had a hand in helping many, many rise from the “emotionally wounded or dead”.

Over the past two decades, I have studied what worked and why, and then gone bigger and deeper. I prefer going right to the middle of the onion and healing from the inside out. But this isn’t the scary thing it may sound like. We are undoing the knots, not poking around at them. 

I have seen again and again that when my clients are willing to trust the process, they too can find wellness, and joy. 

I have loved nothing more than turning the world into a magical place of wonder and love for my children, my friends, my family, and now my clients. I love the work that I do. I love the unburdening. I love that together we can take your pain and sorrow and all of the fallout from it, and reset the whole goddamned thing. And the very best part is that all you have to do is show up, be honest, and a little willing. 

I am Erin Butler, and I help good, good people, like you, fix their shit and feel better fast. 

Come work with me. 

Book your free consult. Find out more. 

About Erin