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I am Erin Butler and for many years I have been providing services to corporations and executives. My clients include law firms, accounting firms, event planning companies, and others. To name just a few: MacMillan’s, Deloitte, The Muse Group, and The Ranchmen’s Club.

Here’s what my team and I can do for your organization.

Intuitive Readings

For your staff party, executive luncheon, client appreciation night, holiday party, or simply for a morale boost, we can travel to your office or party venue and provide some intrigue and soulful guidance. Readings are an extremely popular draw at events and we will almost always be lined up and in demand for the entire time we are made available. The reading offers an antidote to the pressures of the modern corporate culture and the focus on intellectualization of problems and decision making. Guests have an opportunity to connect with a different approach, and allow themselves to be both entertained and guided in a way not available to them in daily life. Our team is known for boosting morale and mental and emotional wellness within an organization while providing fun and entertainment with a professional presentation. We can and have serviced small to large events, from 6 to 1,000 guests with one or multiple readers.

For an extra element we can provide costumed readers for your themed events: the fortune teller, the gypsy, and assorted other options to coordinate with your party theme. We have an extensive array of costuming. For office visits we will arrive in office apparel.

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Wellness Initiatives

I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in numerous corporate wellness initiatives. I have created a program, Enlightened Lunches, in which I provide a monthly interactive presentation to your staff on topics of emotional health and wellness, such as: mindfulness, communication without conflict, Emotion 101, and others. To enquire about this program and the full range of available topics contact me directly.

Executive Coaching

Our self relationship informs all others, including our relationship with work and career. I provide coaching that develops self advocacy and personal power and teaches emotional sovereignty while providing personal support. This is turn fosters efficiency and productivity, all the while making your biz the “good guy.” 

Organizational Support

How are your leaders showing up? What is the corporate model of leadership? Where are relationships breaking down and costing the organization? Drawing on my background in Sociology and Law and my 20 years experience in emotional health and communication, I can help re-establish and re-invigorate your model to support both your staff and your vision!

Do you have something in mind that you don’t see here? Contact me directly and we can create your vision together.