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Do You Find Yourself

  • Repeating painful circumstances
  • Hanging on to relationships that break your heart
  • Staggering from one crisis to the next
  • Feeling cut off from life’s beauty and joy
  • Moody and irritable…but also lonely?

Imagine That You Can  

  • Change your circumstances (even if you’ve tried and failed before)
  • Create loving, healthy, nurturing relationships
  • Feel hopeful and optimistic.
  • Enjoy your loved ones and simple pleasures again
  • Feel loved, supported, and know that you are good at being happy
Home Copy

Find out how

You’re not broken or flawed (even if you’re scared that you are).

                                                                   Like most of us you just need a better way and someone to walk you through it.

Home Copy

I am erin butler, and I help
good, good people like you
fix their shit,
and feel better fast.

It doesn’t matter how you got here, just that we get you out of it the sooner the better!

“We feel so blessed to have happened upon Erin. We have engaged with counselling intermittently in the past, and never had such impressive change from those experiences as we have through Erin’s support.”

— Dene Young, Occupational Therapist
& M. Sean Young, Partner, EQ Strategy Partners

“The experience has been one of the most rewarding of my life and has allowed me to become who I want to be, not what others want of me. She quickly earned my trust and respect, and I invested in her insight – eagerly wanting to build more fulfilling relationships with those around me.”

— Leighton Jones, I.T. Specialist

“Thank you so much for helping me heal and love myself again. Due to the work I did with you I really think I have found a happy and healthy relationship. It feels completely different! I feel safe, comfortable and so myself with him!  I’m so content and at peace in this relationship and in my life.”

— Tina Houghton, Regional Sales Manager

Three ways to work with me to feel better immediately

Try a reading.


clarity and insight.

Try a reading.
your 'divine feminine'. Join the Goddess session.


your ‘divine feminine’.
Join the Goddess session.
your life, health and relationships. Work privately with me.


your life, health and relationships.
Work privately with me.

While my work is ‘middle of the onion’ deeply transformational, there are some simple steps you can take right now regardless of what’s going on.


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