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The Offer

What you get:

  • Six months of private sessions: A total of 27 hours of counsel for the price of 24; that means non-judgmental listening, hearing, objective, loving support, backed by 20 years of experience in undoing “all that is getting in your way” so you can just be the amazing, unbroken you, PLUS, all of the following additional support, expertise and attention that brings the powerful results my clients enjoy:
  • Background assessment and intake discovery: Me asking you questions, you letting it all hang out, me taking copious, secretly guarded notes. 
  • Creation of personalized program: Me, late-nighting on the sofa with my laptop and messy bun, deeply processing your history, your needs, your concerns, and then drawing on my ninja skills to disassemble the criss-crossed live wires of  your past and present history, until the children hear me scream “sweet baby Jesus I’ve got it”, and choirs of angels start to sing, usually at about three AM.  
  • Session feedback follow up: Me, spelling it out, translating it to your lingo, getting it paper for your easy understanding and reference. You, understanding and referring.
  • Personalized healing exercises, created for you, administered at your pace: Me, lovingly creating exercises and practices for your personal epiphany creating experience. You, enjoyed epiphanies and feeling loved.
  • Text and email support: You, venting, sharing, asking me to sit on you or steal your phone before you send the text, press the delete button, or eat the whole cake in a single sitting (I will definitely scare you into saving me half).


  • Crisis Card: One emergency session with moi, to keep in your pocket until you need to phone a friend.
  • Intuitive Feedback Session: Us, looking at your life and circumstances from the top of the tower, eagle eye view and gaining some brilliant and unexpected insights, while secretly having a little too much fun.

The Opportunity: For this promotion only you receive the counselling sessions, program development, text and email support, follow up, written exercises AND crisis call, three additional counselling hours and the intuitive session for just the price of counselling alone. That is a $9990 level of support for only $4995 for the entire six month program (which works out to $832/month). This is HALF the regular pricing for this level of support, plus extras not ordinarily included for no charge at all, as my thank-you to you for investing your trust in me. This means that for every paid hour of time, experience and personalized attention you are receiving more than an hour of complimentary (free, zero dollars, completely gifted) time, experience and personalized attention. Friends and family referrals only, until November 24, 2018, at 8:00pm MDT.

How it all works: FOR 3 months you attend weekly sessions, in person, by phone or by Skype, to get you feeling better and our process working as fast and effectively as possible. Then once things are running smoothly we drop to bi-weekly, to free up your time and give you some extra space for the in-between session process. I do the behind the scenes work to keep things running smoothly. I help you work through exercises and teach you things that help you feel better, deeply transform, and create lasting change. You soak up the support, the TLC, and the extras. Life feels easier. We got this! We start feeling happier. Things improve and then change. We feel smug. But in a nice way.

We wrap up, but we stay in touch because we have bonded. I genuinely care about your pets, your kids, your in-laws. I am here if you need me, you know, for a tweak or a hug, to share your good news, or protect you from the in-laws.

If you’ve read this far you probably know, deep down, that it’s time, that I can help you, and that together we can take you to the next level.


Don’t  see exactly what you have in mind? Ask me!.