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Relationship Coaching

Does dating feel like an interview gone totally wrong, where you rushed in with a run in your stockings or mustard on your tie?

They asked you those questions that left you feeling like it might be better to buy the cabin in the deep woods and alert the forest rangers to plant over all nearby trails to protect you from the remote possibility that some wood nymph or forest god of pleasure might wander in your general direction and compromise your distress free seclusion?      

We could all use some help presenting and feeling our best selves on the dating front, and I am here for you friends, on that one. BUT, it’s not just about the dating, because WE ARE NOT DATING TO BECOME PROFESSIONAL DATERS, we are dating with a view to creating a healthy, happy, thriving partnership, and while the ideal relationship might look very different from one person to the next—lazy Sundays of lovemaking and breakfast in bed versus the 5am run followed by the glee of knocking off the “to do” list with an actual other person who finds that as hella fun as you do—there are fundamentals of relationship creating that apply to all of us. 

And there are commonalities in what gets in our way.

And histories.

And patterns (no, Erin, not patterns, you say).

Yes, patterns.

But I guarantee you, I am here to make all that feel easier. 

I am here to help you undo the knots, and create the relationship that matters to you.

And I have a lot of experience, in your inner mojo, breaking your patterns, helping you reveal the you that’s gonna get you the them, and help you not throw it all under the bus in a fit of panic or unconscious sabotage, once its in your hot little hands.


I offer you different levels of support.

This is the part where I use all of my experience and mojo to help you change your game without the blood, sweat and heartache. 

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LEVEL ONE: The Fresh Start

You’ve been doing it alone too long already, and you know you would feel better with me in your corner, helping you make decisions, working on some of those challenges that get in your way, helping you make an intentional process, rather than leaving it all up to “fate”. I present you with the light package. This one gives you a boost ahead when you need a best friend or trusted guide who gets you, who won’t project her/his own crap onto your dating situation and confuse you with well-intentioned but super misleading advice, who can make this all feel like a return to joy and something you deserve, rather than another thing you have to figure out, do right, and check off the list. 

5 x 90 minute sessions, personalized exercises, program and follow up, plus interim support – can be used as needed over 6 months: $1,850 (for Krystal Walter clients only this is discounted to $370 per session from my usual Strategy Session rate of $500).

10 x 90 minute sessions, personalized exercises, program and follow up, plus interim support – can be used over  a year: $3,500 (enjoy the Krystal Walter discount as well as a $200 incentive for buying in bulk).

LEVEL TWO: The Lusty Love Affair 

Do you know that somewhere in secret, hidden or pushed way down, that you have, dun dun dun, what the judgy folks are calling “baggage”?  Your broken heart is getting in the way, or your defence mechanisms, or your super smart brain that can talk you into and out of every bachelor/ette without as much as asking for your heart’s opinion? Perhaps someone, somewhere has done a number on your self esteem? 

Well this one is for you, love.  

This is where we become more hands on and transformational about our process. 

3-6 months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, your program, personalized exercises, interim support, all included plus starting at $600/month, or throw it into a package and you get a “crisis call” and a bonus intuitive reading included in the deal. 

LEVEL THREE:  The Final Rose

You want to give it all, be it all, have it all. It’s time for you, you’ve strived, you’ve achieved, and you want to go into a life partnership that shines, to show up intentionally, with vision and understanding and the inner health and wealth to dazzle and be dazzled. 

I am in it with you for a solid year, walking you through all of it. I am your right hand gal, your Chris Harrison, your therapist, and your advisor, all rolled into one. We do what it takes, we middle of the onion, we reinvent and recreate and we make the whole process make sense for you. And all of this next level shit —well it has a spillover effect, for all of your relationships to enjoy.  

Let’s begin with a consultation today, and I’ll customize this package to your personal needs.