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The Giving Ceremony

You know those holiday miracle moments? The ones in all the movies, where the families explode all of their dysfunctional stuff in hilarious and charming ways but at the end some magic happens, someone gets better, things get better, or everyone just loves each other anyways? We leave our seats feeling high on sodium, sugar and caffeine, but strangely lighter, in ourselves and about our lives and for a few moments we are swindled out of our pain and loss into faith in something more. 

The ice tinkling in a glass, the candlelit glow in a room, the willingness to let something go and something heal. Well they work on us for a reason. They allow us to see through a warmer, brighter lens. Goodwill is our true state of mind. And at Christmas, kindly and cooperative Goodwill gets the upper hand. It outsmarts our green grinch I like to call Ego, the fearful, overdoing, overstressing, not enough fake-out version of ourselves, and when it does, well tada! The miracle happens. We carve the roast beast. We are changed somewhere deep and important. That’s all it takes. And when you step through that gateway enough times? Well, it’s kind of like fifty first dates…eventually you start to remember what is real. 

So what does a ceremony have to do with all of this? Well I created this gathering to connect us all in an experience of Goodwill & Giving. We come in the door bringing a gift of something we already own, something we are attached to. Not a family heirloom, or anything too pricey or rare – after all we are releasing our egos, not trying to push them off a cliff. And in the giving and sharing of this gift with another some pure, Santa bell-ringing, heart grows three sizes, guardian angel level shit goes down. We leave with a small gift bag, and sleigh laden high with inner treasure. 

What is your gift, this 2018 Christmas? How will you be part of your neighbour’s miracle?

Come and find out

December 21, 2018
6:30-9:30 pm
Includes light refreshments
Inglewood loft
$65 per seat 

*Please bring your item in a recyclable gift or paper shopping bag. You may also wish to bring an item, photo or name of someone to place on the altar, in order to send them healing, blessings, or forgiveness.

*For questions please Ask me!.