“The Absolute Best”

“The Absolute Best”

When I first came to Erin over 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure what I would find, but she came highly recommended by a good friend. I was feeling very broken from personal tragedy and could not find any sort of peace in my life, so I thought why not see what happens.

Erin earned my trust during our very 1st appointment. We did a reading with my dad who had taken his own life a few years before, and she gave me incredible insight around his passing. When I asked her how would I know if he was ever “with” me, she was shown a necklace with a ring hanging from it that was inlaid with a heart shaped gem. As we had just met, there was no way she could have known that I have a necklace my dad gave me that fits that exact description! By the time our appointment was over, the fear, confusion, sadness and anger I had felt towards my dad for the way he left us had melted away. Now when I think of him I can’t help but smile as I can feel his love all around me.

She has since helped me connect with my father-in-law and a close friend who had recently passed, and those readings were truly amazing too. She was able to capture details about their personalities, appearance, and mannerisms that she could not possibly have known about. I almost fell over when she described my friend as my ‘husband’s little sidekick’ because that’s the way he truly was!

Some of my favourite appointments are our tarot readings, and Erin has been incredibly accurate in her predictions & recommendations. She has reaffirmed again and again what I’ve felt in my heart that I should be pursuing, but have often been too scared to admit to myself. She has guided my career down the most loving, balanced path, has made startling predictions about my journey towards motherhood, and was even able to predict the underlying cause of a mysterious health problem that my husband had been dealing with.

I have been loyally visiting Erin for personal healing work and to learn how to develop my intuitive guidance, which continues to strengthen my sense of inner peace, abundance and joy. It has truly changed my life, my perspective, my relationships, all for the absolute best!

— A. Client