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Tarot Reading

Powerful decision making requires getting out of the feedback loop between what we think and feel and the dizzying amount of input being thrown at us at any given moment.

Readings offer us a direct line to our inner wise-self, a way to see past the chaos, hear past the fear, and tune out the “less than” voice that steers us to react, to panic, and to dismiss our inner knowing. It feels pretty damn good to tune into our own PERSONAL SUPPORT SYSTEM, telling us what we need to know, see and hear that’s going to further our health, well-being and sense of joy in life.

I read for high level professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, labourers, athletes and stay-at-home Moms, to name a few. I have a diverse and well-educated background and can speak many professional “languages”. I help with big biz decisions, life direction, career direction, romantic relationships, finance, parenting, health, or whatever is relevant for you.

Readings provide a map, illuminating what is actually at stake, and how to cut-through the BS and get where you need to go, and great starting place for any path of personal betterment.

Your reading is confidential.

“You are truly gifted!! You have a very gentle and positive approach to life. I always feel that I learn something deeper about me and my experiences after a reading. Thank you again.”

— Jamie Pederson, RN

”…She was shown a necklace with a ring hanging from it that was inlaid with a heart shaped gem. As we had just met, there was no way she could have known that I have a necklace my dad gave me that fits that exact description! She was able to capture details about their personalities, appearance, and mannerisms that she could not possibly have known about. I almost fell over when she described my friend as my ‘husband’s little sidekick’ because that’s the way he truly was!”

— Angie Lambert, Events Manager

“Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing readings you did for my mom and I on Saturday. You truly have a gift and we both felt so good about everything we have learned.”

— Elsa Fero


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